The Benefits of Satin

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When it comes to haircare, many hair professionals recommend silk lined bonnets and scarves to protect the health of your hair.  The problem for many women is that silk is expensive and many women just can't afford the cost of the silk items.  The next best option is satin, there are many types of satin and it is so much more affordable.

Satin is a man-made fabric made of silk and/or polyester. It's lightweight and has proved very easy to wash. Not only does this fabric look pretty but it works wonders for your hair and skin. Satin allows your hair to maintain its volume while preventing frizziness and locks in moisture in both your hair and skin, preventing wrinkles and hair loss/split ends; it doesn’t suck up more moisture from your hair like cotton, polyester, and nylon. Satin allows your hair and skin to produce oils and adequate moisture naturally; not overproducing moisture because it’s being all sucked up from cotton or polyester. This allows your hair and skin to stay healthy. 

Benefits concerning hair-

When it comes to what great things satin has and can do for hair we’ve just explored the tip of the iceberg. Not only does it reduce hair loss, split ends, reduce frizziness, and lock in moisture but it can also keep your curls curly; maintaining their original shape, ridding knots/tangles, and reduce thinning of the hair so you don’t have to worry about such a bad case of bed head. If you’ve already got damaged hair from (for example..) heat damage (straighteners, curlers, etc.), Satin helps to reduce damage restore your hair, allowing your hair to repair itself and allowing your hair to soak up any nutrients or healing properties from whatever hair products you may use (shampoo, conditioner, oils, creams, etc.). All of this reduces your trips to the salon, whether it’s for a trim, a blowout, and/or chemical treatments! That saves you money!

Benefits concerning your skin-

Not only does satin keep your skin moisturized and prevent wrinkles but it reduces sleep lines and leaves your skin bright and dewy in the morning. Why? Because satin doesn’t retain and suck up moisture like cheaper fabrics do. Satin is gentler on your skin because it allows your skin to glide across the material, causing less friction, reducing fine lines. Satin items like bonnets and sheets are often recommended to people that suffer from eczema or skin conditions that are similar to eczema. Another bonus is that satin is cool to the touch and doesn’t cause you to sweat, while cheaper fabrics like cotton, polyester, etc. are often coarse and heavy. This makes satin easier and more comfortable to wear and/or sleep on year-round.

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