The Enchanted Magnolia

Womens Thick Ponytail Holder Hair Tie I The Enchanted Magnolia

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This is not your little girl's hair ties!  Perfect for girls with braid extensions to hold the braids in a ponytail. These hair ties are also amazing for thick hair! If you are are a woman on the go then you really can't go wrong.  Excellent to wear to the work, working out at the gym, anytime you need a ponytail or bun this can handle the job!

  • Set of 4 hair tie elastic bracelets in your choice of black, white or mixed 
  • Made of 1” heat-sealed fold over elastic
  • Easy on your hair, prevents ponytail dents
  • Provides a soft gentle secure hold for most hair types including hair braids

Easy Care: Simply hand wash with warm water and mild shampoo, rinse, reshape and lay to dry on a clean towel.

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