Biggest Color Trends of 2020

2020 Color Trends

2020 is finally here and spring is on the way, most of us are still wearing our snow boots and our sweaters. Before we get too involved in our tiresome, unoriginal winter attire it’s time to finally see what colors are going to be on trend this 2020. Pantone Color Institute has summarized what colors are gonna be hot this 2020. The colors of this spring 2020 are said to be “friendly and relatable” and supposedly “infuses heritage and tradition with a colorful youthful update that creates a strong multi-colored combination as well as energizing, optimistic pairings” according to Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the institute. To fiery red to coral pink, to even a classic white, we’ll be getting a sneak peek at what colors will be on trend this spring.        

To start us off first is this Flame Scarlet.

Flame scarlet makes a bold, confident statement. This seductive and adventurous color will let everyone around you know that you mean business.  https://pin/727612883529126775



Faded Denim

Denim is that blue that everybody loves, its something that you can’t go wrong with and will never go out of style. This shade is reliable, dependable and shall forever remain comfortable and versatile. Faded denim is a classic, but when paired with the right top or the right skirt it’ll go from classic to modern.

Biscay Green

During spring we usually see people wearing a lot of green. Last year, in fact, we saw many people wearing pistachio and lime. But 2020, it’s all going to be about crisp, refreshing aqua. This was by far one of the most unexpected colors that took over the runway. If you’re looking for the perfect springtime look then pair this beautiful green shade with any shade of pink.


Coral Pink

Combining a blushing coral with the dainty pink this feminine shade is tres chic during the day and night. This flush pink is perfect for late-night outings and any day time affairs.


This vibrant shade of orange-yellow adds an intense, brilliant factor to your outfit creating a rich, bold aspect. The runway presented the savory, tangy shade in head to toe outfits.


Here is a darker green than the previous Biscay. This shade is rich and dark and pairs well with a variety of colors, just like our previous color saffron. Try wearing this rich, neutral shade of green in luxurious leather just like we’ve seen on the runway.

Now, for last but definitely not least is white 

It just couldn’t be spring or summer without a healthy dose of white to give us a warm welcome to the short sleeve season(s). The runway was bursting with completely blanc looks. The looks varied from textures and shades from oysters to mushrooms. You can never go wrong with a neutral, brilliant shade like white, whether it comes from satin or lace.

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